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The many ways to work with Joli:

Relationship Coaching

Meet with Joli from the comfort of your living room. In these one-on-one sessions we will devise a relationship game plan that gets you out of that rut and into the purposeful, peaceful, passionate relationship you deserve.

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In less time than it takes to Netflix & Chill you can hit the reset button on your relationship!

Public Speaking

Making complicated topics easy to understand is my specialty. Let me help your professional group learn how to leverage their entrepreneurial skills into a more peaceful and connected love life.

So, what makes me the right person to teach you about love?

(Good question, I'd ask that too!)

Hi!  I'm Joli, and I like to talk about stuff that makes most people uncomfortable. Sex, money, religion, sex, politics, sex... bring it on.

But I didn't always have the skills to do it gracefully, especially in my most intimate relationships. I have made every mistake possible in my love life.

I always meant well but I was sooo unhappy. There was always plenty of numbness and heartbreak right when I needed closeness the most. I just didn't know how to do it better. Despite the best intentions of those who raised me, they didn't teach me everything I needed to know about loving and relating. Sound familiar?

When I finally couldn't take the pain any more I dove headlong into the research... because I've never met a book I didn't love! It worked. Not overnight, but every day my relationships gained a more peaceful and passionate quality.

I love helping other people even more than I love books so I started putting my new skills to the test... and they work. My family benefitted, but so did my friends, and eventually my students and clients. 

Ten years and a bunch of degrees later I have found a process that works to make new, joy-filled relationship patterns and stop settling for unfulfilling love or martyring ourselves to doing all the emotional labor in every relationship. 

No one said love was going to be easy, at least not the committed kind you want to last a long time. But does it really have to be so hard? 


Love isn't even close to as instinctive a skill as we might have hoped. Thankfully, we humans are perfectly suited to learn from each other.

I can't wait to support you on your adventures in love!


RELA Application window is OPEN now!









Introducing...RELA, the Really Exciting Love Adventure. This is a magical weekend retreat with Dr. Joli Hamilton and Speaker Sisterhood founder & CEO, Angela Lussier

Find out how this idea came to be on our podcast episode: Ep. 134 An Announcement and an Offering (and How We Got There)

Want to join us? Here’s how. 

Since this retreat is only open to 20 women, we have created an application process to make sure this is definitely for you. The application window is February 19th – March 5th.

Fill out the application to join us HERE

I love helping my clients get results

Here's what a few of them have to say about our time together

"I came home after my first session with Joli full of hope and confidence. Even on a busy evening, I found great joy in the simple things of going shopping with my wife and preparing dinner together with a newfound hope that maybe I will find what I have long yearned for as an emotional being. Tonight after dinner we had the most passionate sex and I am just beaming with happiness. I feel like I am driven with a new found purpose. "


"I immensely enjoyed our talk, and thought a lot about it since then. I surely learned so much. You have a wonderful presence and I felt safe sharing my “stuff" with you. "


"Sex isn't something people talk about and even though I'd been through therapy before, I'd never felt comfortable enough to talk about sex. Joli is able to make the uncomfortable conversations, well, normal and even inviting. I learned that what I was experiencing is somewhat common with my history and she offered gentle ways to address my struggles and a boatload of support. She is able to read people and offer the tools that are most helpful to each specific person. I've had a lot of fear about exploring this side of myself and now I feel like I have a guide to hold my hand through it which makes the fear manageable."


Or, perhaps you are looking for someone to guide you on a deep journey into closer relationship with yourself...

I can help with that too. If your soul is yearning for something you can't quite put your finger on, something just more... you.

Are you in the midst of a dark night of the soul or is your *calling* barely whispering?

Depth Psychological Coaching is the perfect next step.

Begin your soul's journey today.

No question is too awkward!

Relationship coaching isn't your typical experience. Together we will dive into the questions you've been embarrassed to ask, old relationship patterns that sucked the joy out of everything, and start creating new habits that will unlock the potential in your love life.


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