Ready for polyamory?

Ethical non-monogamy?

Creative monogamy?


I'll show you how to get the freedom, deep security, and sexual fulfillment you want in your relationship… Even if you're scared.


— Dr. Joli Hamilton, The Relationship Coach Who Colors Outside the Lines


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Your relationship can be both open and secure.


It is possible.  I help people do it


Action-takers can have this life.


Intentionally designed love, whether it is creatively monogamous or consensually non-monogamous, doesn't mean sacrificing stability or depth of connection. 


But the rules you learned about love won't get you where you want to go.


You need a masterful coach to guide you.


This is your most profound connection- you don't want to risk losing it just to get laid- you're an adult.


But you also don't want a walking-dead life just because someone else said buttoned-up was the only way to do love.


It's time to flip over tables and toss the rule books. 


My signature process gives you the skills you need to take full creative power over your love life!


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Compersion- the Opposite of Jealousy


Jealousy is terrifying.


But I study jealousy as a scholar and I've got data that shows jealousy can be an asset -yes, really- if we learn how to work with it.

To make a truly remarkable love, you need a guide who has LIVED and STUDIED unconventional relationships. 


Creating a loving relationship that fulfills your desire for both stability and sexual adventure is not something your run-of-the-mill couple's counselor is prepared or qualified to do. 


Working with Joli is unlike any therapy you've done before.


This is not just relationship work, this is your individuation journey...  becoming exactly who you were born to be, including as a lover.


Individuation is the process of becoming completely yourself.  


Joli will transform your relationship into an individuation journey. 


How, exactly?


A Ph.D. in Jungian and archetypal psychology +

certified sex educator = Magic Maker 


I've combined decades of lived experience with three psychology degrees, a sexuality certificate, and making jealousy my primary academic research topic.


It's been exciting (uh... yeah, and kinda rough!) 


You deserve a graceful, fun transition into the relationship you want.



But you can skip the rough edges.


You don't have to put yourself through hell or read 400 psychology books to learn how to love. 



My fascination with complexity led me to develop a system for YOU to keep things simple!



Let me guide you through my signature relational individuation process for the love and life you long for.



Playing with Fire Podcast: non-monogamy & individuation

with Dr. Joli & Ken Hamilton

Why polyamory?

My most common question: "Why are you polyamorous?" Joli studies consensual non-monogamy as a research psychologist but it's also an important part of our personal relationship design. We are talking about what polyamory is, why it works for us, and how it feels to put your heart in someone's hand without the rules of monogamy.
Consensual non-monogamy isn't the right fit for everyone, monogamy is a great choice for lots of people. But, if you're curious about what it looks like from the inside, have a listen. 

Choosing an individuation relationship with our without your partner

Do you want to grow into the most authentic version of your Self that you can be? The good news is that you get to choose that, and all you need is within reach right now. Typically, individuation is seen as a solo activity, a deep inner journey that often comes with an image of the hermit. But we've found that relational individuation is another VERY fruitful option. This week we are talking about what steps you can take to engage fully in your journey whether your life partner/s is/are interested in psychological development or not.

How jealousy was the best thing that ever happened to me

Jealousy shows up differently for each of us, but it's a completely normal human experience. In this episode we talk about defining it, dancing with it, and five things we can do to use jealousy to strengthen and deepen our relationships. Joli shares exactly how she found herself studying jealousy every day for the past twelve years and the five-step process she uses to transform jealousy.

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Project Relationship

The Entrepreneur's Action Plan for Passionate, Sustainable Love

Who got the education on love they really deserved?

Yeah, that would be almost no one.

I wrote this book for high achievers who want their home life to be as spectacular as their professional life.

Love is a skill set and you can learn it & take action today that will change your whole life.

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