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Jul 22, 2022
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Throughout my years of coaching, I’ve noticed one common thread among the happiest & healthiest couples and relationship groups: they celebrate the little moments.


Celebrating your relationship has many benefits and even has the power to save and completely transform your relationship! By taking the time to show your appreciation for one another and the relationship itself, you and your partner are actively preventing feelings of complacency and boredom.


Celebrations keep relationships exciting. While all relationships come with a somewhat unpredictable rollercoaster of emotions, the relationships that include celebrations block out time for generative emotions like joy and gratitude.


Celebrating → Expressed Gratitude

You don’t have to reach a new goal or milestone in order for a celebration to take place. In fact, the best part about celebrating is that it increases the expressed gratitude in the relationship! By celebrating, you and your partner/s are essentially thanking one another and showing your appreciation. Even the “small” celebrations can communicate so much.


Celebrating Allows You to Move at Your Own Pace

Although celebrations can take place without a goal or milestone reached, it’s also important to celebrate the new developments in your relationship, no matter how big or small.


Progress in your relationship may look like seeking help from a coach, finding new ways to connect with one another, setting up a new ritual, or showing gratitude for the joy that one person (or both people) in the relationship experienced.


Celebrating little moments like these will allow you to acknowledge the fact that you are moving forward, no matter how slow or fast. This type of acknowledgment will take the pressure off you and your partner to jump right into the big stuff. It will also increase your overall appreciation for the relationship and one another.


Even though every step forward is worth celebrating, be sure to keep in mind that simply celebrating each other is ALWAYS enough!


Celebrating Will Help You Maintain an Optimistic Outlook

Celebrating increases the positive feelings in your relationship. Each celebration will help you and your partner maintain an optimistic outlook on the future. Continuous celebrations will also help you and your partner get excited for what’s to come!


Celebrating Helps You Re-Learn How to Argue

By celebrating the little moments, you’ll begin to recognize that with each struggle comes the opportunity to reimagine new possibilities in your relationship.


Although fighting is one way to solve things, celebrating is a good way to prevent feeling unsatisfied or bored in your relationship. You can even celebrate the fact that you and your partner refuse to leave things unresolved! Good communication is always worth celebrating.


What you focus on multiplies, and focusing on the positive aspects of your relationship will allow more of those moments to come in.


Celebrating Helps You Feel Compersion

Whether you’re celebrating you, your partner, or both, the simple act of celebrating allows you to feel compersion for one another.


Simply put, feeling compersion is feeling joy for another person’s joy. This is a crucial aspect of any relationship. If you want to learn more about feeling compersion in your relationship, be sure to read my other article on how to feel more compersion!


In the strongest relationships, each partner continually shows the other that they get joy out of their well-being. Celebrating the little moments with your partner is one great way to show this. After all, celebrating is an active response that will strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It’s much more powerful than simply congratulating them or kissing them goodnight!


Although feeling this joy for one another can still co-exist with other uncomfortable emotions like jealousy or uncertainty, the act of celebrating creates more room for positive emotions as a whole.


Want more ideas on how to center celebrations in your love story?


Listen to episode 46 of the Project Relationship podcast titled How, When, and WHY to Celebrate! I cohost Project Relationship with my anchor partner, Ken Hamilton- join us for a peek behind the scenes of our relationship!

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