Are YOU ready to open your relationship happily?

Jun 22, 2022
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I’ve scoured the earth, the books, the therapists’ offices, the universities, the internet, the gurus… 


And I can tell you this: opening your relationship can be complicated. 


I’m a HUGE fan of creative, expansive relationship structures that let you be you. This might be polyamory, negotiated non-monogamy, creative monogamy (or, yes, conventional monogamy- if that’s the right fit for you!)


Creating a relationship that encourages you to lean into pleasure and freedom is awesome. 


But I also know the pitfalls. I’ve seen what can happen when people jump into opening things up when they’re not ready… 


So I made you something to help you determine your level of “readiness.” 


I’ve tested it out on a beta group… and it works. 


It’ll take two minutes. 


It’ll be revealing. 


It’ll spark conversation… Or it’ll tell you now is not the right time for you to open- I’m in this to help you find the right fit relationship style, not to convince you to open. I’m relationship-style-agnostic ;) 


In all cases, I made this quiz to support you depending on where you’re at in your inquiry. 


>>> Click here to take the quiz now!

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