Jealousy Rewired On-Demand Workshop

Jealousy is archetypal. 

That means it is both completely overwhelming AND totally mundane, typical, normal. The goal isn't to get rid of these archetypal human experiences. ⁠We don't get rid of anger, sadness, fear, or grief either. Why? Because they serve important purposes. ⁠So does jealousy...

But most people make two big mistakes with jealousy: 

1. Trying to get rid of it before learning from it ⁠ 

2. Trying to get rid of it by controlling our partner's behavior⁠ ⁠ 


Want a way more effective approach?


One that works because it is based on sound

mind & body research?


One that gives you practical tools to rewire your brain and restructure your thoughts away from suffering and towards integration?


 You need Jealousy Rewired

I'm in, I want to change how jealousy feels NOW!

This is a revolution in active jealousy work based on two key elements:

- Embodiment exercises able to be tailored to your unique nervous system 

- A crisp mental construct grounded in Jungian psychology for understanding jealousy's purpose


Using this two-pronged approach you will rewire how jealousy feels and gift yourself with actionable tools for when it appears.

BUT... this workshop might not be for you.
If you are convinced it's your partner's job to end your jealousy then you don't want this work.
Jealousy rewired puts YOU back in the driver's seat, empowered to change your jealousy from the inside out.

This powerful two-pronged approach was then developed in partnership between Dr. Joli Hamilton, Jungian psycholgist & AASECT certified sexuality educator and functional neurology expert Elisabeth Kristof of Brain-Based Wellness. 

 The Jealousy Rewired 5-step cognitive framework was identified during Dr. Joli's doctoral research on the lived experiences of jealousy.


Arm yourself with the tools you need to work with your jealousy and transform your life.

Yes, I need to Rewire Jealousy now!

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  • Functional neurology exercises specifically designed for the intensity of jealousy
  • Taming the Green Monster Workbook