in your relationship 

(the one you’re dying for)


If you want to experience the connection, communication, passion, sizzling sex and explosion of power (for all partners) you’ve been aching for… 


Does this sound familiar?

  • You miss the togetherness and connection you once had with your partner 
  • You miss the passion 
  • Or you’ve never had the level of passion you have always wanted in your relationship 
  • You want MORE from your partner 
  • But you’re worried (about the relationship, the potential impact on the kids if you rock the boat) 
  • You don’t want to ruin what you have now, but you know YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING… Or it might end... 


You're right.

You need to do something.

Something different.


Obliterate the barrier between you and what you really want in your most important relationship- no more shrinking, hiding, or hinting

Unlock the secret to getting on the same page with your partner 

(even if they aren't in the room for the session!)

Ditch the useless, begging-to- be-broken "rules" and learn how to make real agreements that bring your closer together

I get it, I’ve been where you are (but I had 7 kids). And I destroyed a marriage and two businesses trying to sort this out for myself. 
I’ve found the solution, it worked for me and I’ve watched it transform the lives of my clients. I’m sharing it with you because I want to save you the torment of doing it all wrong.

You already tried the standard "solutions"

If you just needed someone to tell you to pay more attention to your partner, your problems would already be solved.

You need a real breakthrough




a sudden, dramatic, act or instance of removing or surpassing an obstruction or restriction; the overcoming of a stalemate

Your dream relationship is within reach but it's almost impossible to see from the inside!

You need an expert's eyes on what works, what doesn't, and what is possible that you can't see yet. 

Stop waiting for a miracle to just *happen* and let me help you make your love magic today.



How to create the relationship 


out of whatever you have NOW


Here’s what you can expect in our private session


  • Getting clear on the barriers to what you want 
  • Getting you and your partner(s) on the same page from wherever you are today. 
  • Establish the key relationship habits that make it possible to handle the inevitable bumps in the road 
  • Make relationship agreements without trapping each other under the weight of iron-fisted rules.
  • Create a game plan specifically designed to fit you and your life


But you know what you’ll really love? You’ll finally get all of this… 


  • Be heard, be listened-to. We’ll bridge that communication gap once and for all!  
  • Plus! How to get your partner to TALK about your relationship
  • The connection and togetherness you crave from your partner
  • Entice your partner to participate in an equal partnership (100%/100%) 
  • Secure commitment to co-creation, and to resolving the difficulties you may be facing
  • Heal from betrayal (or the threat of betrayal, real or perceived) 
  • Establish relationship rules that create security and freedom 
  • Have fun again 
  • Remember who you are, who they are, and why you want each other 
  • Experience your full power (and your partner’s) 
  • Expand your imagination (and your partner’s) 


I want my relationship breakthough NOW!

Here's what a few people have said about my guidance:

Sex isn't something people talk about and even though I'd been through therapy before, I'd never felt comfortable enough to talk about sex. Joli is able to make the uncomfortable conversations, well, normal and even inviting.  


I’m full of hope and confidence. Even on a busy evening, I found great joy in the simple things of going shopping with my wife to preparing dinner together with a newfound hope that maybe I will find even just a little bit of what I have long yearned for as an emotional being. Tonight after dinner we had the most passionate sex and I am just beaming with happiness. I feel like I am driven with a newfound purpose. Thank you! 


I was able to own up to my fears (and shame) that she has more financial power than me. That’s when I got floored … I had no idea how much she values the emotional labor I bring! We are feeling so much more balance and are having new conversations that are creating so much freedom for us. 


Transformation is not only possible, it’s exhilarating when you work with Joli Hamilton. The notion of becoming acquainted and comfortable with yourself in a way you’ve only wished for is a total and complete possibility when you let yourself be guided by her wisdom and skill.


Joli is not only a depth psychologist, she is also a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and a total badass woman who meets her own life and desires with courage. I’ve done personal work before, it’s never been like this!


I am experiencing profound shifts in my marriage, in my business, and within my very soul. I feel more like me every day and am mustering the courage to step into my authenticity in all aspects of my journey.


If you’re ready to meet yourself head on and take the steps to embracing your truth, then Joli is your muse!


What are you waiting for?
Your love life won't fix itself.

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