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You deserve to open your relationship with both security and freedom.


The Year of Opening is the only immersive program that gives you BOTH.


Now you can transform your relationship by way of proven research-based methods, community support, and expert guidance‚ÄĒ in a flexible online format¬†designed to fit your busy life!


The next YOO cohort begins in September and spots are limited.  


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The next Year of Opening cohort starts in September!


This is the support you need to have the relationship you've always dreamed of.


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Learn proven processes from an expert- no more guessing


Craft the perfect relationship agreement for your life


Explore new adventures AND deepen your current relationship



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More testimonials from members of The Year of Opening

The power of the group setting is pretty awesome. The immediate community, seeing yourself in others, being affirmed that who you are is more than okay...priceless.

-Tika Z.

Member of The Year of Opening


Joli has such a depth of knowledge and experience. She is able to take a moment and ask questions that allow us to really find ourselves due to all that depth of knowledge and experience. Joli and Ken are also so loving and validating.

-Miranda C.

Member of The Year of Opening

Dr. Joli is amazingly adept at cultivating a supportive, comfortable atmosphere! Following her lead has allowed me to feel comfortable sharing with, and confiding in, my group of once-were strangers.

-Alex M.

Member of The Year of Opening

From Dr. Joli

Don't let anyone tell you open relationships can't work- they can, they do, and yours will...if you get the support you deserve.


I've got proven methods- let's take the guesswork out of your love life!


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