Introducing RELA... the Really Exciting Love Adventure

Some things are just meant to be. When Angela Lussier, Founder and CEO of the Speaker Sisterhood asked me if I wanted to create something brand new with her, I knew instantly that this was one of those meant-to-happen moments. 

Relationships are messy, which means we can learn a ton about ourselves by exploring them. That's the premise, now find out more on our Claim the Stage podcast episode: Ep. 134 An Announcement and an Offering (and How We Got There)

Want to join us? Here’s how. 

Since this retreat is only open to 20 women, we have created an application process to make sure this is definitely for you. The application window is February 19th – March 5th.

Fill out the application to join us HERE

The RELA Retreat application is open!

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Joli speaks directly to the heart of your business.

Passion got you into business, let's get it back in your relationship!

You are a bad-ass in your business, showing up and getting it done. But what about your home life? Still circling around the same old fights with your partner? Are you constantly getting derailed from your plans because everything at home seems to fall to you? You aren't alone.

How your relationship goes has a direct impact on how your business goes. We aren't machines, compartmentalizing off our emotions when we show up at work.

Entrepreneurial spirit is absolutely a miracle for relationships. But, too often we don't use those amazing skills to make our love life as awesome as our work life. Joli has the info you've been looking for to bring your A-game home.

These are some of her most recent workshops and keynotes:

  • Screw Balance: How to Show Up 100% at Work and at Home without Losing Your Mind
  • How to Leverage Your Entrepreneurial Skills into a Blissful Relationship
  • Taking the Training Wheels Off Your Marriage: How to Be in the Grown-up Relationship You Meant to Have
  • Boss in the Bedroom: How to Identify, Ask for, and Get Exactly What You Want


Connect with Joli about speaking at your event

"Joli is a master at combining research, theory, real-world examples, and storytelling to create a thought provoking, entertaining, and moving presentation.To top it off, her energy is captivating and her style invites you to listen in and ponder each word."

Angela Lussier
CEO and Founder, Speaker Sisterhood

"Joli brings a vast amount of knowledge, emotional and verbal agility, and conscious humor to her speaking. She creates a learning environment where people are able to engage sensitive and sometimes taboo subjects in a way that has always left me feeling more hopeful and loving toward myself, and others! "

Boysen Hodgson
Communications Director, ManKind Project USA

"Joli Hamilton is a force for Good and learning and healing in her work as a sex educator. It was an honor to co-facilitate the improv-meets-sexuality education workshop "Better Sex THROUGH LAUGHTER" with her. She taught about sexuality with kindness, support, and humor which made everyone in the room feel accepted and respected in equal measure."

Pam Victor
President and Founder, Happier Valley Comedy

"Joli created a calm, comfortable, and caring environment to learn, discuss, and ask questions regarding some of the more culturally taboo subjects like BDSM, kink, and consensual non-monogamy/polyamory. Her teaching style and personality gently guided me to observe, challenge, and expand my own sexual selfhood."

Jesse Klausmeier
Author and Educator

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